DIR Digital IR Audio Distribution System

Equipment for high quality audio or language transmission for small venues up to the very largest, designed for use in both permanent installations and temporary setups.

      • Transmitter
      DT 6008 & DT 6032

      DT 6008 & DT 6032 Digital Transmitter

      DT 6008 & DT 6032 Digital Transmitter are the central modulator units which receive audio from the interpreter and transmits it for wireless digital language distribution.

      • Receiver
      DR 6004 / 6008 / 6032

      DR 6004 / 6008 / 6032 Receivers

      For use in wireless simultaneous interpretation systems by means of invisible digital infrared light, up to 32 channels can be received with superb audio quality.

      • Radiator
      RA 6013 & RA 6025

      RA 6013 & RA 6025 Digital Radiator

      Used for powerful distribution of reliable infra-red digital signals throughout the conference venue to the wireless digital receivers.

Detalles de Sistema

The Digital IR Audio Distribution System (DIR) is part of the DCS 6000 Digital Conference System and offers equipment for high quality audio transmissing or language transmission for use from small venues and up to the very largest venues.

The system is designed for use in both permanent installations and in temporary setup for summits etc.

The DIS Digital IR Audio Distribution System fully complies with the IEC 61603-Part7, which is the industry standard for digital infrared transmission in the 2 to 6 Mhz frequency band.


  • Digital Infrared transmission
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Up to 32 high quality channels

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