ULXS24/58 Sistema de mano inalámbrico

Incluye transmisor de mano ULX2/58 con micrófono SM58® y receptor de diversidad ULXS4


  • ULXS4


    Receptor inalámbrico estándar

    Receptor de diversidad inalámbrico estándar ULX .

    from $446.00
  • ULX2/58


    Handheld Wireless Microphone Transmitter

    With an interchangeable SM58® microphone cartridge, the ULX2/58 features clear channel transmission and great flexibility.

    from $253.00

Detalles de Configuración

El número ULXS24/58 de Sistema de mano inalámbrico es parte del tipo de ULX-S familia de sistemas inalámbricos.

ULX® Standard Wireless Systems offer sophisticated, scalable UHF wireless solutions for both working musicians and professional sound installers. For more advanced features and controls, see our ULX Professional Wireless Systems.

Includes ULX2/SM58 handheld transmitter, ULXS4 standard diversity receiver, microphone clip, grip/switch cover, screwdriver, zipper bag, two 1/4 wave antennas, power supply, 9V battery, and user guide.

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