Wireless Workbench® 5


Windows Download (ZIP)

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • XP Tablet PC 2005, XP Tablet PC 2000

Mac Download (ZIP)

  • 10.3 - 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Wireless Workbench® Software is your wireless command center for frequency coordination of any Shure Wireless product and networked control of Shure UHF and UHF-R® series wireless systems

Compatible with both Windows 7 and Mac OS X, WWB5 takes the guesswork out of frequency coordination and provides a graphic display of your RF environment. Scan, plan, and command your systems anywhere with the ultimate system control software from Shure.

Version 5.0.5 includes support for new frequency band options available for the PSM®1000 Personal Monitor System. Please note that while this update does enable users to calculate frequencies for PSM 1000 systems, those frequencies will then need to be manually entered into the hardware via front-panel controls. WWB5.0.5 does not recognize, deploy frequencies to, monitor, or control the PSM 1000. Fully networked control for PSM 1000 will be available with the release of WWB6.

Minimum Computer Requirements:

  • 750 MHz processor
  • 40 MB hard drive space, 256 MB RAM

IMPORTANT NOTE: After installation, please run WWB and select "Check for Updates" from the Help menu to download the latest frequency databases.

For Windows 7 Users: When installing Wireless Workbench 5.0.5 on a Windows 7 computer running 64-bit mode, the installation program must be run in compatibility mode. Right click on the installer and click "Check Compatibility".

For Mac Users: Wireless Workbench 5.0.5 is not compatible with OSX 10.7 (Lion). Wireless Workbench 5 can run on a Mac running Snow Leopard in 64-bit mode. The installation program must run while the OS is in 32-bit mode. See Installation Instructions for 64-bit Mac (OS X).

Previous Versions:



  • PSM 1000 New Frequency Bands Support
    G10 USA, IA (470-542 MHz)
    J8 USA, IA (554-626 MHz)
    L8 USA, IA, Australia (626-698 MHz)
    X1 USA (944-952MHz)
  • 32-Bit USB Driver Support
  • When a UR4 or MW4 is connected via USB, the Found New Hardware wizard assists in the installation 

SCAN: Frequency Plotting Tools

Use detailed graphic displays of scan data from Shure wireless receivers and compatible WiNRADiO®* scanners to spot potential RF problems before they have a chance to affect your sound. 

Waterfall Plot
Displays a detailed, multicolor graphic representation of your RF environment over time:

RF History Plot
This useful tool can be used to optimize placement and positioning of antennas and identify dead spots in the performance area by logging and displaying signal strength for each receiver antenna. Multiple systems can be tracked in the same history plot to monitor larger systems:

PLAN: Frequency Planning and Coordination

Wireless Workbench's Frequency Compatibility Wizard uses scan data to provide clear frequencies in your current RF environment and coordinates around signals which are already on the air. It can also take into account manually entered or saved lists of frequencies and TV channels searchable by postal code. Results can then be saved, printed or imported into other frequency coordinations. Compatible frequency solutions for UHF-R systems can be assigned directly to networked receivers or used to create custom frequency groups.

Available Frequency Summary
Printable display of compatible frequencies for a given set of receivers and transmitters. 

Selectable transmit power for UHF-R systems
Yields more compatible frequencies when low transmit power is used and generates robust compatible frequency sets when higher transmit power is needed. 

Adjustable Compatibility Level per Channel
Adjust the compatibility level per channel for more flexibility and stable performance. Select from “More Robust,” “More Frequencies,” or “Standard” modes to prioritize channels or increase frequencies.   

COMMAND: Complete networked monitoring and control of UHF and UHF-R wireless systems

Wireless Workbench provides fast network setup for large groups of wireless systems, allowing comprehensive control of infrared sync for transmitter set up, and providing immediate alerts for important conditions of online channels such as low battery and low RF level. 

RF Channel Properties
Display and control every parameter of networked UHF and UHF-R systems including group, channel, frequency, and transmitter sync settings.  

Alert Manager
Displays critical transmitter information such as low battery or RF level to protect your signal strength during a performance.